Chairman of the Babil Investment Commission and General Director of the Coca-Cola Company in Iraq ar .............Date 2020-12-03

The General Director of the Oasis Soft Drinks Company (Coca-Cola), Mr. Othman Okzal, visited the Babil Investment Authority and met with the Chairman of the Authority, Eng. Muhammad Jassim Zakum, and the two sides discussed the high coordination between the Authority and the investing company in support of the industrial sector. The President of the Investment Authority confirmed that the Coca-Cola plant is one of the industrial investment projects that have contributed to supporting the economic side in the country by filling the market need in Babylon and the governorates of Iraq for its products and the introduction of hard currency to the country by exporting its products to other countries. He explained that the cost of the Oasis plant project amounts to $ 10 million. The project also provides about 900 job opportunities and was established on private land for the investing company. It also contributes to achieving benefits for the community through their initiative to establish a liquefied water plant that serves the people of the area in which the plant is located, as well as other important supportive benefits. For the health sector, specifically in the issue of contributing to the fight against the Corona pandemic, the investing company distributed 480 tons of oxygen to health institutions in Babylon. We appreciated the support and high coordination of the authority with the investing company in a way that serves the industrial sector and its development in Babil Governorate. On his part, Mr. Okzal expressed his thanks and gratitude for the authority's support for the Coca-Cola plant through the facilities provided by the authority to the investing company.